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WINNER, Honourable Mention, Globe and Mail’s Best Business Books of 2006

The Emperor Has No Hard Hat: Achieving REAL Workplace Safety Results©
ISBN 0-9737485-0-8
MBQ Solutions Inc.
408 pages, illustrated

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That’s the premise behind Alan D. Quilley’s book, “The Emperor Has no Hard Hat: Achieving REAL Workplace Safety Results”.

The book not only explains why traditional safety programs are doomed to fail – it tells you exactly what to do to develop an OH&S system that will truly make YOUR organization safer.

The book is an entertaining introduction to Integrated Safety Management, the evidence-based safety management system that Alan Quilley has developed during his over thirty years as an OH&S professional.

Integrated Safety Management (abbreviated ISM, rhyming with “prism”) is a set of interrelated concepts and tools that companies can use to dramatically improve their safety performance. ISM is a comprehensive, compelling – and most of all, effective – model of safety.

ISM offers organizations a strong Return on Investment (ROI) – not only financial returns but legal and moral returns as well. Typical Returns on Investment include:

  • Financial – reduce accident costs; reduce WCB payments; unlock a huge reservoir of valuable employee talents and resources by giving employees a new sense of empowerment, engagement, and influence in their jobs
  • Legal – comply with legislation, cover due diligence requirements
  • Moral – fewer accidents; knowing you’ve done the right thing

The ISM system is totally evidence-based. Each company is shown how to use its own evidence to prove to itself that the concepts are working.

“The Emperor Has No Hard Hat” explains the powerful, far-reaching safety concepts of ISM in an entertaining, easy to grasp way. No obscure academic language here – all the ideas are presented in clear, plain-English terms!

The book includes plenty of examples to help illustrate the ideas. Between the theory sections, you’ll follow the ongoing safety efforts of the fictitious Imperial Chariot & Lyre Company, whose hapless Emperor has to rely on his new Safety Officer, Hans Preventicus, and his Line Manager, Greta Doitfastica, to save the day and bring safety alive at Imperial Chariot & Lyre.

It’s time for workplace safety systems to evolve! Join the Emperor and his staff on their journey to effective workplace safety. “The Emperor Has No Hard Hat” will show you exactly what to do to make yourself and your employees safer.

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