CRSP Examination Preparation Virtual Coaching

Safety Results Ltd. wants you to be successful in becoming a CRSP. We are an established and highly regarded Alberta/Western Canada based business (est.1999) and have presented courses and workshops since 2003. 

It has always been our commitment to help candidates with their studies for the CRSPEX, and we are pleased to announce that we have expanded our offers to include a Virtual Coaching Package.

The fee for our virtual package is $899.00 + tax and we will provide all of the material (shipped at our cost within Canada only).

We are delighted to offer generous discounts to current members in good standing of the CSSE and WOHSS (not combinable).Please contact Marie for details/requirements. 

The package includes 6 hours of personal coaching* with Greg McInnes CRSP. Sessions are taken at mutual scheduled times. There will be homework assignments between the calls. The pace of the calls is individualized and held via phone or Zoom Video Conference. We have found that this method is far more beneficial to students due this individual attention as opposed to a class of individuals that may not be on the same path within their learning journey as you.

NOTE: Due annual vacation, shipping of Virtual Coaching material orders will not be processed  between August 29/23 and September 8/23. Shipping/order processing will resume on September 11/23.  

“It’s really important to know who is trying to teach you something.”
–Alan D. Quilley CRSP     

Who is your instructor?

Greg McInnes, CRSP is our instructor and can teach you how to study to help you in being successful in your journey to certification. He is a respected leader in OH&S, having over 30 years of experience in the field in OH&S management positions (civic government, healthcare, aerospace, oil and gas, and utilities). Greg has also been a member of the Board of Governors for BCRSP and held positions with CSSE at both the local, provincial and national level. 

He is a working CRSP who consults with industry helping them create and implement their Health and Safety program. Greg has developed and instructed adult OHS education programs at the University of Alberta and has co-instructed at NAIT along with instructing OHS courses for varying companies. With all his experience, and sharing our techniques to help you focus your studies, why look elsewhere? When selecting your mentor, take the time to research who other providers are. We believe that they simply won’t measure up with us in terms of quality, experience, and teaching style.

“There are no hard questions if you know the answers.”
–Alan D. Quilley CRSP

What makes us different? In a nutshell, everything. We’ve kept statistics on our pass rate… and have determined that we are holding a 90% pass rate for those that have either taken our virtual coaching/purchased all of the study material and stayed in touch with us. We’ve had students that have taken our package after taking other providers’ offers and all have overwhelmingly informed us that ours is of significantly higher quality and value, not only due to our content, but also our process, and format.

Coaching Package Inclusions:

  • Study material based on the 2020 CRSP Examination Blueprint
  • Our Manual and Workbook
  • 6 hours of individual coaching*
  • Our Handbook which contains more practice questions and answers (Handbook is available only to participants of this package)

PLEASE NOTE: Coaching packages are non-refundable. Ultimately, it is the student’s choice if they wish to use any/all of the allotted time in this package and up to the student to initiate and book their sessions. A student’s decision to not use any/all of the time is theirs alone. We keep records of all emails/phone calls regarding these packages. Coaching packages must be used within 6 months of the date of purchase of the package. This deadline will change if the BCRSP introduces a new Blueprint. 

*Please note that the hours within the package (6 hours) includes direct coaching via Zoom as well as the time that our coach requires to compile answers to student’s questions in between sessions. Should a student exhaust the included hours, additional time is available for a fee. 

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. Our methods are unique and not surpassed; we offer the gold standard in this field. 

We offer high value and complete quality in everything we do and we stand behind our products and courses. We’ve found that the high failure rate for candidates writing the CRSPEX is attributed to candidates not fully understanding the depth and comprehensive nature of the exam and consequently, they don’t prepare properly. They study in a haphazard way and easily become overwhelmed with the volume of information from which exam questions are drawn. The aim of our course is to help you prepare your personal study plan and focus on the competencies that you need to master before the exam. We recommend that you take our course at least 3 months before taking the CRSPEX.

If you are unable to take part in one of our Coaching Packages and you would like to purchase study material only, please click here. Clients that purchased only the study material have reported that what we offer is superior and of significantly greater value than what others provide.

The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) does not have any involvement in the development, content or distribution of any courses or materials associated with preparing for BCRSP examinations.


"You want to pass the CRSP exam? There's no quick-fix solution to attaining a 'pass' but I can verify that a strategic study approach WILL be the answer. I was successful in my first attempt thanks to Alan's CRSP Prep Course. Al's material, prep questions, and his data-based approach really helped me to focus my study efforts in the correct domains. Thanks so much Al and Marie, your course was worth every penny!"

"The Safety Results Workshop and materials helped me immensely to prepare for the exam. It drew attention to the areas which I needed to focus on, allowing me to utilize my study time in the most effective manner. Alan Quilley is a great instructor; he presents information in a way that keeps participants engaged while reviewing a large amount of material. I am proud to say that I received confirmation that I passed which is due to the course. Thank you Alan!"