CRSP Exam Prep Material

CRSP Examination Preparation Study Material

Safety Results Ltd. wants you to be successful in becoming a CRSP. We are an established and highly respected Alberta/Western Canada based business (est.1999) and have presented courses and study material since 2003.

The current failure rate on CRSP exams is roughly 50%. We believe that this occurs because candidates don’t fully understand the depth and comprehensive nature of the exam and as a result, don’t prepare properly. More importantly, they study in a haphazard way and easily become overwhelmed with the volume of information from which exam questions are drawn.


We recommend that candidates attempt the simulated Questions and Answers in the Knowledge Gap Analysis Workbook. Once these are completed and self-scored, the results will assist them in identifying their individual strengths and weaknesses within each category. They then proceed through the Study Manual; the Study Manual is grouped into 7 categories (total of 77 competencies, some nested) and the fundamental information in each competency is presented.

We also recommend that candidates start their process at least 3 – 4 months prior to writing the CRSPEX. 

Our CRSP Examination Preparation Study Material is continuously updated and is mapped to the 2020 CRSPEX Blueprint.

We are pleased to offer discounts to current members in good standing of the CSSE or WOHSS.

Please contact Marie for more details.

“It’s really important to know who is trying to teach you something.”
–Alan D. Quilley CRSP     

The creator of our material, Alan D. Quilley CRSP, was a proven industry leader in safety, a working CRSP who not only consulted and trained in North America, but internationally as well.  He worked with companies, helping them create their Health and Safety programs.

We don’t just teach it, we live it. With Alan’s decades of practical experience, highly qualified in Adult Education and him possessing the technique to organize our material so that you can efficiently focus your studies to make your examination writing positive and successful, why look elsewhere? Our business was created and has centered around educating adults on OH&S topics.

“There are no hard questions if you know the answers.”
–Alan D. Quilley CRSP

CRSP Examination Preparation Study Manual*   $269.00 plus applicable taxes   (One Manual per order – should you require more copies or if you are wishing us to ship product internationally, kindly contact Marie for shipping costs prior to submitting an order for payment).

Sample pages can be found here.

Shipping: Within Canada – $25.00

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CRSP Examination Preparation Knowledge Gap Analysis Questions & Answers Workbook *  $199.00 plus applicable taxes 

One Workbook per order – should you require more copies or if you are wishing us to ship product internationally, kindly contact Marie for shipping costs prior to submitting an order for payment).

Sample pages can be found here.

Shipping: Within Canada – $25.00

To US – $30.00

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CRSP Manual


Bundle $449.00 plus applicable taxes

CRSP Examination Preparation Study Manual and Knowledge Gap Analysis Questions & Answers Workbook

Shipping: Within Canada – $40.00

To US – $45.00

International – Please email for rates 

* A note on our new study material. 

There are a # of competencies that are exactly the same as what appeared in the 2015 Blueprint, (and for those that are familiar with how the BCRSP constructs their Blueprints, these same competencies travelled forward from both the 2005 and the 2010 Blueprints). Potential purchasers are easily able to compare the 2015 and 2020 BCRSP Blueprints and identify these same competencies. Our study material has naturally rearranged these similar competencies into the new categories. It also has expanded on some of them, as new information was captured during our research. 

In addition, the new BCRSP competencies are also addressed and in some cases, we also refer candidates to additional resources.  The same applies to our Workbook. If you are in possession of previous study material, it becomes evident that there are similarities, but that obviously has to be expected, as it has in the past.

Please be advised that we do not offer refunds on our Study Material for any reason other than if the material is damaged due to shipping.   Further, please note that the Questions & Answers contained in our Workbook are designed to assist you in creating your individual knowledge gap analysis in preparation for the BCRSP’s Examination studies. They are NOT intended as a simulation of the questions you will see on the actual examination. For ethical and secrecy reasons, there is no way a CRSP/CRST should be sharing or discussing actual questions that are in the BCRSP’s Examination question pool.

The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) does not have any involvement in the development, content or distribution of any courses or materials associated with preparing for BCRSP examinations.


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It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the correct material is ordered – this is our CRSP study material. Items incorrectly ordered are not returnable nor refundable, with the following exception: 

Items received in damaged condition will be cheerfully replaced. All we ask is that you:

  • Call or email for return authorization before shipping back.
  • If requested, please take the damaged items to your post office for filing the insurance claim.

All purchases are considered final. Healthy, undamaged items may not be returned.


"Just wanted to touch base and let you know I passed the exam using your materials and reference pieces. I can't thank you enough for your assistance in getting organized. I think you could easily build/market a self-guided study program for people that would be a valued resource for those who aren't able to come to your courses. The information was interesting and of value without being overwhelming, or reading too much like a text book".

"I have passed the CRST exam! Thank you for putting together thoughtful and valuable study material. I found the manual and practice tests very helpful"