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Safety Results Ltd. wants you to be successful in becoming a CRSP and/or CRST.

We are an established and highly regarded Alberta/Western Canadian based business (est. 1999) and have presented courses and workshops since 2003.

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Based on the 2020 CRSPEX Blueprint

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Author: Alan Quilley

"What an INTERVENTION FOR OH&S MANAGEMENT! Alan's book will finally open eyes and start motivating people to stop using common and out-of-date OH&S management systems."
"I'm about half-way through your book... what can I say, WOW! You've got a real winner here - easy read and highly entertaining. I think the first time I sat down to read it, I almost read 100 pages."

One secret to successfully selling safety is to ceaselessly emphasize that safety isn’t in competition with production. Safety is not a goal, it’s a value; it’s a feature of how you produce. We need safe production.

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