CRST Examination Preparation Knowledge Gap Analysis Questions & Answers Workbook


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The current study material will seem familiar as it contains competencies similar to those that appeared in the 2019 Blueprint. The BCRSP typically carries forward certain core competencies through successive versions.

This material has been reorganized to align with the 2024 Blueprint’s categories and builds upon certain competencies by incorporating new research findings. The study material also covers newly introduced competencies. Most core concepts remain; however, they have been updated for the latest exam.

Please note that the Practice Questions & Answers contained in our Knowledge Gap Analysis Workbook aim to identify gaps in knowledge so you can tailor your preparation. They are meant to guide your studies, not simulate the actual exam. While we believe in our products, passing the exam ultimately depends on the diligence and effort of the individual candidate. We have full confidence in our products; a candidate’s success comes through hard work.

We recommend purchasing the Bundle rather than just the Workbook, as the two components are designed to work together.

For reasons of ethical conduct and confidentiality, candidates/certificants must refrain from disclosing actual examination questions contained within the BCRSP’s question bank. Sharing such information would constitute a breach of professional ethics and undermine the integrity of the certification process. All candidates/certificants have a duty to respect the confidential nature of the examination materials as a matter of professional responsibility.


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