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Become a C.S.I.!

Author, educator, professional speaker and outspoken thought leader in the OHS profession, Alan D. Quilley CRSP is now offering his 3+ decades of experience in the process of investigating critical safety incidents to you in this exciting and informative three day Critical Safety Investigator (CSI) training.

Critical safety issues come to our attention in a number of ways, through hazard identification, safety meetings, close call/near miss reports and unfortunately through the injury and illness of our employees.

Learn the critical skills and processes you need to know to investigate and uncover the real “whys” behind your safety hazards and downgrading incidents. Our extensive experience in investigating critical safety issues has positioned us to be your source for investigation training. With extensive experience in training safety professionals and practitioners, Alan will not only teach you to be a better investigator, but you’ll have a great deal of fun while you learn.

Learn what professional safety practitioners learn from the person who has spent his career uncovering the causation of critical incidents and hazards in a wide variety of industries. Alan’s experience as an OH&S officer for the Government of Alberta and his extensive experience as an internal and external consultant to the oil & gas, health care, transportation, government and manufacturing industries provides him with a wealth of experience and examples to help you understand the underlying causes of your downgrading incidents.

Incident causation and investigation is much more than a simple pile of neatly lined up dominos or simply classified as “root” and immediate.

Learn the most up-to-date techniques from an expert investigator!

What you’ll learn in this exciting three day course:

  • The Energy/Barriers Model of hazard and incident causation
  • Reducing the disconnect between the investigation and control of hazards
  • The Nine Critical Investigation Phases
  • Creating a “Go Kit” for quick reaction to your incidents and hazards
  • How to conduct a formal investigation in compliance with legislated requirements
  • How to interview witnesses and gather critical evidence
  • How to learn about incidents that have happened but no-one is talking about
  • How to evaluate gathered evidence because all evidence is not created equally
  • How to tell the incident story through pictures and diagrams
  • How to develop preventive measures that will enhance your prevention programs
  • The importance of following-up your recommendations

If your job includes investigating hazards and downgrading incidents, you owe it to yourself and to the safety of those around you to learn how to do this efficiently and effectively.

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Creating & Maintaining a Practical Based Safety Culture©2016

Creating & Maintaining a Practical Based Safety Culture is all about what we think and do about making the work we do safe. You won't find any "OH&S Management Standards" with big numbers in their titles created by groups of anonymous authors telling you how to run your business. These are things that you can do using the same skills you use to currently run your business.

This two day course is essential training for everyone who has a responsibility to make their places of work safe and healthy. Wait! That's everyone from the CEO to the employees on the front lines.

Based on Alan D. Quilley’s “The Emperor Has No Hard Hat – Achieving REAL Workplace Safety Results” and “Creating & Maintaining a Practical Based Safety Culture©” this two day course will expose the course participants to proven and practical methods they can use to assist their corporations in achieving excellent safety results for their safe program efforts. Learning how to turn safety creation efforts into measurable activities will be a powerful change management tool for participant to use immediately upon their return to work.

Through lecture, workshop and group discussion, at the end of this two day course participants will be able to:

  • Define Safety Culture Creating Activities
  • Analyse where on the Safety Culture Continuum their Corporations & Organizations are
  • How to positively hold Management & Employees accountable for safety activities
  • How to define Critical Safe & Unsafe Behaviours and how to manage the activators and consequences that support those behaviours to make them habitual.
  • How to use the Energy/Barrier Model to assist their employee in identifying critical risks and issues to be managed
  • Implementing the their Integrated Safety Management System
  • Understand how positive feedback and reward help make Critical Safe Behaviours habitual
  • Establish a Future State Vision for their company safety efforts
  • Personally commit to Start, Stop, Continue activities to improve safety creation.

Once and for all stop doing your safety program for the government and start doing the things you need to do to help your company thrive and prosper because of your safety efforts. Make your safety activities practical and functional. Best of all make them GET RESULTS! What a concept!

Finally, a practical approach to safety management!


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