"You could do what I do if you did what I did." - F.M. Alexander

ISMS works because it fits the current evidence regarding what helps make companies "safety excellent". In particular:
  • It identifies and integrates the components needed for effective safety management
  • It creates a safety culture to establish norms for "the way it is around here"
  • It engages people and creates total employee involvement with a sense of accountability and ownership. Every employee - from hourly worker to CEO - is engaged by being made accountable for specific activities.
  • It recognizes that taking care of the physical environment (plant, tools, etc.) is vital in getting safety results
  • It is activity based, so a company can do positive things about safety that are measurable, therefore manageable
  • It builds true interdependence and caring among employees
  • It increases communication, including the quality and frequency of safety discussions
  • It gives the safety culture room to evolve and grow
  • It uses your own evidence to tell you what is getting safety results for you and your company
Companies that manage their safety programs using the four integrated components of ISMS are very safe. The evidence shows it.


"Success leaves clues." - Stephen Covey

The evidence for ISMS is in the accident rates of literally thousands of companies that Alan has worked with during his thirty years in OH&S. He can walk into a company that he has never seen before, ask a few key questions about their OH&S program, and predict that company's safety performance with a very high degree of certainty. Once you understand the concepts, you'll see how that can be done.

The prediction is based on a few simple parameters called "leading indicators". These leading indicators - WHAT a company is doing, and HOW those things are being done - will determine the company's trailing indicators - accident rates, number of lost days due to injury and illness, injury claims costs, etc. It's a simple case of cause and effect. You can't get much more evidence-based than that.

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