The four essential components of a successful safety management system are: company culture, accountability, work environment, and behaviour. These four components are as interdependent as the vital organs in a human body. Take any of them away, or fail to fully support them, and the system dies.

I've got news for you: your company already has all these components. You already have a safety culture, whether you manage it or not. You have an accountability system, whether you manage it or not. You have a work environment, and you have employee behaviour. The question is: do you manage these things? Because if you don't, any safety results you get, or don't get, are totally random. If you do not manage these four factors, then frankly, you're just running on luck.

Back in the 1980's, W. Edwards Deming, the father of quality control, told us that if a company doesn't manage its production, it will need a quality inspector to weed out the rejects. The same principle applies to safety: if you aren't managing your OH&S process, expect to see results you may not like.

Companies can manage their OH&S results using an integrated safety management system called (strangely enough) Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS, pronounced to rhyme with "prisms").

ISMS is the first major safety system to recognize that there are four essential components to an effective safety program, and that these four components must all be managed, and work together, if a company's safety system is to live and thrive.

Reduced accident rates are possible. Healthy and safe companies are possible. How do I know? Because it's being done. There are organizations - not many, but some - that are getting excellent safety results.

Your company can do it too. You just need to get unstuck from the ways that aren't working, and find out what does work.

ISMS works.

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