"Excellent! I was able to identify exactly what I need to learn and what I need to review. This is THE course to take – don't waste your time or money even looking at others! Thanks Al and Marie!"

"You want to pass the CRSP exam? There's no quick-fix solution to attaining a 'pass' but I can verify that a strategic study approach WILL be the answer. I was successful in my first attempt thanks to Alan’s CRSP Prep Course. Al's material, prep questions, and his data-based approach really helped me to focus my study efforts inthe correct domains. Thanks so much Al and Marie, your course was worth every penny!"

"The Safety Results Workshop and materials helped me immensely to prepare for the exam.It drew attention to the areas which I needed to focus on, allowing me to utilize my study time in the most effective manner.Alan Quilley is a great instructor; he presents information in a way that keeps participants engaged while reviewing a large amount of material. I am proud to say that I received confirmation that I passed which is due in part to the course. Thank you Alan!"

"Alan's passion for Safety and delivery style are bar none top drawer. His style of presenting the material brings the concepts into reality which makes the learning easier.The program offers all the tools needed to succeed with the BCRSPEX.The prioritized outline and practice exams were what made the difference for me.I strongly advise Alan's program to ensure success on the exam."

"The materials provided by Safety Results were truly of benefit during my study time. Each of the sections adequately covered the material needed and the class room time offered added clarity on the testing process and study plan structure. The networking that took place during the course was also of benefit as some of us when on to form a study group. Thank you again; another successful candidate and exam thanks to Safety Results."


Sherwood Park, AB                        January 15 - 17, 2020


“It’s really important to know who is trying to teach you something."
–Alan D. Quilley CRSP     

Safety Results Ltd. wants you to be successful in becoming a CRSP. We are an established and highly respected Alberta/Western Canada based business (est.1999) and have presented workshops since 2003.

Our intense 3-day CRSP Examination Preparation Workshop fee is $999.00 + GST. We are pleased to offer a 10% discount to current members in good standing of the CSSE. Please contact Marie for more details. 

Here’s why we know we can help and why you should thoroughly investigate before choosing your CRSP Examination Preparation Workshop and product provider.  

Our Workshop price includes the following:

  • Study material continuously updated and based on the current 2015 CRSP Examination Blueprint
  • Our Manual and Workbook ($600.00 value)
  • Our CRSP Exam Prep Multiple Choice FlashCards - Series 1, Series 2 and Exam Prep Long Answer Flashcards ($310.00 value)
  • Our Handbook that contains more practice questions and answers (Handbook is available only to participants at the workshop)
  • Material is enclosed in a coveted Safety Results canvas attaché bag which includes pen, highlighter, calculator, notebook for notes and Post-its.
  • Lunches and refreshment breaks 
  • Special offer – We were the first workshop provider with a special offer for participants of our Workshop:  If you challenge the BCRSP's 2015 Blueprint CRSPEX and are unsuccessful, you may attend another sponsored Safety Results Ltd. CRSP Examination Preparation Workshop for a nominal fee. The workshop must be taken within one year of your first workshop with us and must be based on the 2015 Blueprint. Further conditions apply - please check with us for more details.

When broken down, the value-added features, the quality of our material and our instructor cannot be beat. Read what a few of our 100s of past students have said…review the testimonials. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we’re extremely proud of what we offer.  

What makes us different?

  • If you learn better by sifting through mountains of paper presented in a random and illogical manner, then this is not the Workshop for you. 
  • If you learn better by sitting and answering hundreds of practice exam questions without direction, then this is not the Workshop for you. 
  • If you learn better by reviewing regurgitated copies of the BCRSP’s Study Guides (that you’ve already paid for!), then this is not the Workshop for you.

How do we know all this? Students who have taken other providers’ Workshops have told us. Ours always wins, hands down, every time.

“There are no hard questions if you know the answers."
–Alan D. Quilley CRSP

Who is your instructor?  

Learn from Alan Quilley CRSP, our dynamic instructor who engages participants, and teaches you how to study, truly demonstrating that you can enjoy learning. He’s a proven industry leader in safety, a working CRSP who not only consults, but also trains within North America as well as internationally.  He actually works with companies, helping them create their Health and Safety programs.

We don’t just teach it, we live it. With Alan’s decades of practical experience, highly qualified in Adult Education and the technieques to help you focus your studies to make your examination writing positive and successful, why look elsewhere? Our business was created and has centered around educating adults in OH&S topics.

We believe that the high failure rate for candidates writing the CRSPEX is attributed to candidates not fully understanding the depth and comprehensive nature of the exam and consequently, they don't prepare properly. They study in a haphazard way and easily become overwhelmed with the volume of information from which exam questions are drawn. The aim of our workshop is to help you prepare your personal study plan and focus on the competencies that you need to master before the exam. We do recommend that you take our workshop at least 3 - 4 months before taking the CRSPEX.

Don't get taken in by cheap imitations of our workshop process and content. Our course format is often emulated but never surpassed; our Workshops are the gold standard of preparation workshops. They enable participants to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses in the 113 competencies that form the 9 categories of the CRSP examination. Participants will also complete simulated exams which will identify gaps in their knowledge and skills and this gap analysis is then utilized to develop individual study plans and strategies.

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If you are unable to attend one of our Workshops and you would like to purchase the same Manual, Workbook and Flash Cards that our students receive, please click here. Clients that purchased only the study material have reported that what we offer is superior and of significantly greater value than what others provide.

For added value, we also offer CRSP Examination Preparation Mentoring & Coaching. For details on this initiative, please click here.

For more information on our CRSP Examination Preparation Workshops, products and Mentoring & Coaching, please contact Marie at either or phone 780-710-0247.

We can also bring our workshops to you! We have presented our CRSP Examination Preparation workshops to companies that have held Canada wide Safety meetings. For minimum requirements and further information, please contact Marie.



The examination is prepared by the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) and is written nationally three times per year, in February, June and October. It is 3.5 hours long and consists of 190 to 210 multiple choice questions. The purpose of the exam is to assess the degree of mastery of a set of competencies that reflect the combined knowledge, abilities, skills, attitudes and judgement of an entry level registered safety professional.

For more information on the exam go to the BCRSP website.

The BCRSP has previously awarded CPD points for our Workshop. The Workshop contains 21 technical hours and may be eligible for BCRSP CPD points. Please visit the BCRSP's website for CPD point criteria.


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